Mar 2012 - Vol 9, No 3

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - While everyone else wants the entire world to know that they bought a candy bar at the gas station via Facebook, the going green movement is only getting it’s info out to a select few. Now that’s not to say that environmental groups aren’t doing double-time to get the message out, but unless you are seeking out the green movement, you are not often privy to the info. Same goes for our HQ here in Tahlequah. We know what’s up here, but we are not nearly as enlightened about other communities’ efforts, so we decided to put the message out in hopes that if you know of something going on in your part of the world, you might let us in. We want to help green organizations make a move, but we can only help with information. If your community is doing something green, please contact us at (918) 431-1104.
    First, we wanted to tell you about a little store just south of Tahlequah on Route 82 called Remember When where the inventory consists of locally-made and grown items; alpaca scarves and hats, candles, soaps, candy, breads, jams, soups and healthy snack foods line the shelves and one step through the door takes you back to another time when candy was a penny and service came with a smile. Their winter hours are Wednesday-Saturday but we expect them to increase come springtime. Remember When is located at 26180 Hwy 82 and their phone number is (918) 453-2672. Be sure to take a moment to stop in and get as excited as we are about this little hidden gem.
    Next, we have another business in Tahlequah where local is king: River Bend Catering is a catering company that focuses on buying fresh and buying local. Their food is made from local farmers’ products and they can make any occasion special with local talent cooking up a storm for any-sized soirée. River Bend is owned by Mark Throckmorton and his Executive Chef, Ashley Bonnell, can make any food extra special; whether from your list of preferred dishes or they can recommend something to make for you. Call Mark at (918) 708-1473 and learn more about River Bend Catering.

Doing it at the university
    We found that many student organizations are taking the green initiative to the next level at the two big universities in Oklahoma: OSU and OU.
    OSU has launched a chapter of Net Impact; the first in Oklahoma and one of 220 chapters in the U.S. Net     Impact is a non-profit organization “working to promote sustainability, corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship on campuses and in workplaces.” It gives business-school students an opportunity to sit with CEOs and discuss what they are doing to be sustainable as well as incorporating the notion that sustainability and business are not mutually-exclusive of each other.
    While one of the workshops is over, it’s still not too late to attend the “Lean and Green” training and certification being offered at the University of Oklahoma Lean Institute where attendees gain knowledge of how to deal with environmental waste in the workplace with participants learning about real-world issues and revising present policy to create a department that is more environmentally friendly and money-saving.
    The opportunity to attend is free, due to a grant from the OK Department of Commerce and while the remaining classes are being held March 28 and April 25, other classes can be created for those located outside the OKC metro area. Find out more about this program by contacting Dr. Marc Jensen at the University of Oklahoma Lean Institute at (405) 325-9135 or at

Mark your calendar!
    We are always impressed with Bartlesville’s ability to reach out to surrounding areas and put on festivals that are well done and exciting. They have a festival sure to impress all: Green Country Earth Fest is going on April 20-21 (Earth Day) at Johnstone Park and they need vendors who are working in the holistic health fields, recycling, green businesses and artists. Find out how to be a part of this event and help effect changes while having fun by checking them out on Facebook or call Adam at (918) 766-3265.

Something for the teens
    Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is holding a summer camp program for teens between the ages of 14 and 16 this June. It’s being held at Lake Texoma and anyone interested will have to do a bit of paperwork to be accepted, but it promises to be something that teaches while it entertains. You must be an Oklahoma resident and have someone not related to you willing to vouch for you, but the experience makes it all worth the efforts. Logon to for an application and all of the details.

“The Lorax” is bringing green to the kids
    Have you heard that Dr. Seuss’s story of “The Lorax” is coming to theaters? Did you know that the story might be the first environmental children’s story ever told? It’s all about a world devoid of trees and a little boy goes on a journey to find them again. Never mind the Dr. Seuss piece; what a way to engage kids in doing a bit of sustaining without the lectures or lack of attention span. The only word you need to remember is “Unless.”