May 2012 - Vol 9, No 5

TULSA, Okla. - Among the many famous, Oklahoma-bred names in country music is one woman who’s just getting started but has a promising future ahead of her: Kinsey Sadler.
    Tulsa area country music fans might recognize her name from her performances at the Tulsa State Fair this past year. Sadler played several memorable shows during which she performed her own songs including her single “Sometimes I Forget” as well as covers of other popular country songs from artists like Miranda Lambert.
    Unlike the vast majority of entertainers hoping to “make it big,” Sadler put her education first and has a BSN from the University of Oklahoma. Sadler was a full-time student when she first started her band, Kinsey and Company, in the fall of 2010. The band’s first performances were in Tulsa area bars. Once Sadler graduated in May of 2011, she was finally able to fully focus on her music.
    Only a few months after graduation, a Nashville scout saw Sadler perform at a local casino. Excited about the prospect of taking her music to the next level, Sadler followed the talent scout to Nashville and met with producers and record executives. Following her trip, Sadler received a call from producer Johnny Morris asking Sadler to cut a demo track. With the help of the Nashville producer, Sadler’s demo tracks were mastered and then became the first songs on Kinsey’s EP which was released April 20, entitled Purple Mountain’s Majesty. The songs are available on iTunes.
    Sadler’s vocals lack the twang of “deep country” music and are best categorized somewhere between the sheer strength of Shania Twain and the soul-searching honesty of Martina McBride. With lyrics like, “Just when I think I’m free/Just when I think you’re gone/I hear your memory whisper/Baby it ain’t over yet/I know I’m not supposed to love you anymore/But sometimes I forget,” it’s obvious that Sadler is writing her lyrics from a place of personal experience and truth. The slow, ballad-y sound of “Sometimes I Forget” perfectly compliments the faster, rock sounds of Sadler’s other songs like “Better Than Never.”
    The future is bright for Sadler: she’s performing regionally until her CD is released and launching a national radio tour this fall. And if you’re interesting in being able to truly say, “I knew her before she was really famous!” Sadler will be performing at the Blue Dome Festival in downtown Tulsa on May 25 and 26. She’ll also be playing at the Will Rogers Memorial Stampede in Claremore, Okla. on May 27. Catch one of those shows, or find her other events at