[OK] Oct 2011 - Vol 8, No 10

“Where are the zombies? Send in the zombies!” This is easier said than done, but an absolute necessity when you are making a zombie movie. Tulsa’s own Tate Steinsiek knows all about this process. He’s been doing special effects for nearly two decades and has brought his magic making to Tulsa.
    If you watch the SyFy Channel, you may remember a special effects competition show entitled “Face-Off” in which Tate was one of three designers to reach the final round. Although he may not have won the competition, he did win fans; both movie-going fans and professionals in the industry.
    Tate was drawing monsters before he had even seen his first horror movie.  After high school, he searched locally for an outlet where he could learn about filmmaking and grow his talent. He soon found that there weren’t many options in the area. He studied graphic design but still needed someplace to become an effects artist. He moved to Boston where he focused on music, playing in a band, but the film calling was still in his blood. A few years later, he wound up in Pittsburgh working in Tom Savini’s studio where he gained access to the training and materials he needed plus experience working in the field. Tate soon found himself in New York where he met his lovely and talented wife Holli. Holli is also a make-up artist and together they built a home studio where they took every job working in film that they could lay their hands on. Tate had been doing horror movies such as “Knock Knock” and “Zombie Honeymoon” (which brought him to New York). Then Tate & Holli were offered to work on their favorite project to date which was for The History Channel’s “Clash of the Gods.” Not only did Tate and Holli produce the special effects for the show but they each got an acting cameo, Tate as the Minotaur and Holli as Helen of Troy. A small bonus was getting to work in Morocco for three months where they intend to return for a stay one day. 
    Tate’s appearance on “Face-Off” gained him some notoriety and opened even more doors for his studio. He found himself being approached by special effects material and make-up suppliers who wanted him to try their products in his projects. Family matters may have brought him back to his home state, but a desire to bring to Oklahoma what he couldn’t find in his youth prompted him to open Ill Willed Productions right here in Tulsa. Tate has recently completed work on SyFy Channels’ “Piranhaconda” which will debut this fall. Additionally, contacts he made during “Face-Off” led to jobs on “The Amazing Spiderman” opening in theaters in 2012 and “Mary Mother of Christ” currently in pre-production.  Tate is also working with Paasche Air Brush to create a special effects application air brush.
    Ill Willed Productions is a fully operational productions studio.  They produced the promotional video advertisements for the Tulsa International Film Festival and, with the help of Joel Hulett of Dolphin Bay Films, is filming a self-produced feature film and creating a graphic novel based on one of his “Face-Off” character creations. They have the equipment and talent to not only make great special visual and make-up effects, but create latex and silicone masks, create effects for seasonal performances, film quality props, produce short and full length films,lcommercials, graphic novels and more. They offer classes in everything they do for everyone from novice to professional whether for personal or professional interest.  They also offer internships for those studying in the field and needing on-hands experience to boost their credentials and resume.
    Check out Ill Willed Productions online at www.illwilled.com and remember to friend them on Facebook.  If you have the time, I recommend a visit to the studio located at 5649-F South Mingo Road in Tulsa.  If you want to set up a visit to the studio, ask about the classes, inquire about an internship or ask them to produce something amazing for you or your organization give them a call at (646) 683-4501.  Don’t forget to befriend the studio monster pet, Tyson… IF YOU DARE!