Another Fine Mess

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Saturday, August 16, 2014
Joses On Dickson

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Another fine mess - the big clear up in Newcastle begins
Newcastle City Council staff launch 'three wave' operation to tidy the streets read more...
Another fine mess
BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was upstaged on live television today when a dog relieved itself during a broadcast. read more...
Dumpers landed in a fine mess
FLY-TIPPERS and litter louts who blight the borough by refusing to clear up after themselves have been successfully prosecuted by Oldham Council. read more...
Nearly a year ago, the Sanitation Department removed public trash baskets along much of Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood. It was a grand experiment designed to stop local residents and business owners from illegally dumping their refuse until the cans overflowed. The experiment clearly failed. read more read more...