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Friday, May 09, 2014
Cherokee Casino
West Siloam Springs,OK
Saturday, May 10, 2014

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Lowdown - November 2013
[November 2013] - Several of the Cherokee Casinos prep to serve up slamming free concerts in November, while their relative house of rock, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa (Tulsa), lines up another month of top-bill talent.   read more...

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How Mickey Rooney showed U.S. its heart
Neal Gabler says in his portrayals of characters with pluck, energy and idealism Rooney may have come closer to the American ethos in Depression-era America than any other star read more...
Classe tous risques DVD ??? Philip French on Claude Sautet's pitch-perfect directorial debut
(Claude Sautet, 1960; BFI, 12) Le roman policier and le film policier (now widely known by the reverse slang or verlan term " polar ") have been staples of French popular culture for a century. Its soundtrack crackling with underworld argot, its air thick with smoke from Gauloises, its morality pulsating with romantic cynicism, the genre's golden age in the cinema was roughly between 1955 and ... read more...
Sharon Public School learns ecological lessons
Environmental stewardship starts with the little things, which are very important at Sharon Public School. read more...
Warner Archive Collection leads the MOD squad
It???s hard to believe the Warner Archive Collection launched five years ago this month. The one-time torrent of classic-era films being released on DVD by the major Hollywood studios, which... read more...