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The 7 Deadly Sins of Joint Ventures
Joint ventures always make sense on paper but not so much when we flawed humans are actually running things. read more...
Promoting goodness and goodwill
The message of enjoining the good and rejecting evil, to preserve and promote truthfulness, justice and harmony should become the governing reference for society, asserts Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid. Human civilisations have seen the forces... (Visited 64 times, 64 visits this week) The post Promoting goodness and goodwill appeared first on ALIRAN . read more...
Beheading of Steven Sotloff: Family speaks out as US aims to ???degrade and destroy??? ISIS
(CNN) ??? America???s top defense official says the goal of the United States is to ???degrade and destroy??? the capabilities of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, not contain them. The statement by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel came during an interview with CNN???s Jim Sciutto on Wednesday, just hours after President Barack Obama said the [???] read more...