Fassler Hall

304 S Elgin
Tulsa, Ok  74120
(918) 576-7898
  • Plays live music.
  • Food and Full Bar

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[March 2014] - High-energy keyboard player Andy Frasco & the U.N. bring their festy-friendly, firey performance to Fassler Hall   read more...
The Damn Quails ask audiences, ‘what the flock?’
[Mar 2012]- The Damn Quails are a band that’s political and poignant, reflective upon the reverberations of the times yet maintaining a handhold on the history of homespun honest tunes and honky-tonk hootenannies.   read more...
Listen up – Samantha Crain, the Shreves and David Castro
AR/OK [Feb 2012] - ... keep your ears peeled in the year to come for Samantha Crain, Randall and Benjamin Del Shreve, and the David Castro Band.   read more...
Girls and guitars: Low Litas like to ‘throw it down’
OK [Jan 2012] - Low Litas: Mandii Larsen, lead vocals and guitar, Liz Wattoff on drums and Erin O’Dowd on bass, plan 2012 recording sessions & live gigs.   read more...
Fassler Hall brings a dose of Oktoberfest to Tulsa year round
With the opening of Fassler Hall on October 4, downtown Tulsa not only witnessed the arrival of one of the city’s coolest new bars, but also a long overdue and much needed showcase for German beer and food.Tucked away at 304 South Elgin, the old site of Indian Lock and Key, Fassler Hall is the latest addition to the McNellie’s Group, one of the major players in revitalizing Tulsa’s downtown corridor.   read more...
Elliot Nelson – “I’m always jumping off the cliff to see what happens”
Walking down any street in downtown Tulsa, you may not notice Elliot Nelson (except for the Palm Pilot radiating smoke from his jacket pocket), but you know his work. Elliot is one of the busiest restaurateurs in these parts and he keeps expanding his empire. Elliot has no plans to slow down; as a matter of fact, he is growing his T-Town empire by leaps and bounds.   read more...
Bob Xang
oly cow! Is it already November once again? It appears to be so. It’s time for those leaves to start falling off those trees and for the autumn breezes to cool off whilst Mother Nature prepares for another long winter ahead. It’s the month in which humans start wearing jackets, trade in their shorts for pants and get prepared for the upcoming months of wintry goodness. November kicks off the winter holiday season here in America as the harvest rolls in and we prepare to give thanks and watch football.   read more...
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